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What Services Do IT Companies Offer?

IT Services

IT companies and IT services form the backbone of almost all business’s in today’s society. Utilising an IT support company or an IT managed service provider, is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

What services do IT companies offer? Inteck IT

IT managed service providers provide an enormous range of services which will cater to your business’s everyday Information Technology needs, thus taking the pressure off yourself. This will allow you to place greater focus on your business whilst the IT company handles all the back-end IT. So exactly, what services do IT managed service providers offer? The list is essentially never-ending, but this article will go further in depth about ten of the main, essential services that most managed service providers provide.

Information Technology Support

An IT support engineer provides troubleshooting and tech support services to a wide range of clients across almost every industry, including dentists, healthcare and schools. The IT support service features the monitoring of systems within a business, troubleshooting, diagnosis, on-site support, remote support and help desk. Modern businesses generally outsource their information technology support to managed service providers in an attempt to save money and receive dedicated support. Inteck IT is an accredited managed service provider based in Sydney, Australia which provides Information Technology Support and is commonly referred to as a leading provider in the healthcare and dental industry.

Information Technology Security

IT security is an extremely important aspect of a business and should not be ignored by any managed service provider. IT security refers to a set of strategies which assist in preventing unauthorised access to a business’s assets, usually by online hackers. Information Technology security maintains the stability and protects the confidentiality of sensitive information within a business’s network. It is almost impossible for a business to keep up-to-date in terms of IT security without external assistance. This is why it is important that businesses examine the option of using a managed service provider. Think you might need a managed service provider for your IT security? Contact Inteck IT today and we’ll provide you with a FREE IT consultation.

Cloud Services

The cloud is a relatively new and innovative storage model. When your data is placed in the cloud, it is stored in a network of servers which allow for you to access your information on any Internet device. The storage model can either be a private cloud model, public cloud model or a hybrid cloud model. If you’re debating whether or not you should move your business to the cloud, check out this article ‘Should You Move Your Business To The Cloud?’. Most managed service providers and IT companies provide cloud services which place businesses in an advantageous position because it is cheaper than traditional storage models and it is also more effective.


In 2020, it has been recorded that there are 4.78 billion active telephone users every day. This is over 60% of the world’s population using their phone every single day. Therefore, it is important that all businesses have up-to-date, working telecommunications protocols. Managed service providers such as Inteck IT provide a diverse range of managed telecommunications systems dependant on your business’s needs. Call 1300 39 65 65 today and we, at Inteck IT, can help you discover the perfect telecommunications systems that provides features tailored to your business.

Applications, i.e Office 365

Applications such as Office 365 are used in the office space constantly. These applications are important in streamlining a business’s processes and every modern business should consider using a variety of applications to improve their work efficiency. Many IT companies provide access to different applications and can give recommendations on what applications would make your business more efficient. Office 365 is possibly the most valuable applications suite for any business. Interested in reading about the benefits of Office 365? Check out our article ‘5 Benefits of Office 365 for Business’.

Data Cabling

Many IT companies provide a data cabling service. There is a vast variety of data cabling services that may be offered, such as new cabling, repairs and maintenance, communications cabling and server rack cabling. It is important that a business considers the skills of the experts when choosing an IT company for the purpose of data cabling. A reputable IT company providing data cabling services should provide structured network and data cabling along with cable repair services.

Server Installation, Maintenance & Backups

Servers can be a great burden to business’s, especially when several servers are needed to be installed. A smart, modern business will outsource server operations to a managed service provider. Why? Managed service providers generally have a team of experts which are trained in installing, maintaining and backing up servers daily. This will ensure your business doesn’t experience a fall due to server downtime.

Workstation Installation

Computers in the office space can be troublesome when first being installed. It is useful for businesses to outsource such installations to IT companies such as Inteck IT. IT companies can speed up the process of installing workstations, and whilst it may initially cost a business more to outsource the installation process, it is a lot more efficient and can effectively save money in the long-term.

Employee IT Training

Most major security threats simply prey on people who are uneducated in terms of malware, ransomware and other types of cyber threats. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all employees are trained to ensure they don’t introduce hazards to your network. Managed service providers generally have experts who are trained to brief employees’ on basic technology and security practices. This can improve a business’s efficiency and save a lot of money. It is important that IT companies provide employee IT training as it will help avoid many basic support requests, thus providing the IT company with increased time to work on larger projects.

Website Design & Maintenance

Did you know that 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile? Websites that are not mobile responsive are simply poorly designed. Reputable IT companies provide website design & maintenance services which seek to be innovative. This includes ensuring that the websites they develop are mobile friendly and easy to access. If your business’s website is newly designed or you’d like to improve on it, you should inspect a website design checklist.

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