Managed IT Services in Moorebank, New South Wales

Inteck IT is an accredited, Australian-owned IT managed service provider. We provide technical solutions for businesses in and surrounding the Moorebank, New South Wales region. Our beliefs are focused on providing our clients with tailored, intelligent and valuable Information Technology solutions. We combine our high quality infrastructure and processes, with personalised service and responsiveness.


We deliver tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve success. Our strategy is specific for your business.


Aligned and set up to successfully fulfil your business’s needs. We’re here to organise your IT solutions in Moorebank.


Predicting, measuring and managing any and all risks to ensure quality solutions.


Assisting all clients through our various support platforms. Need on-site support? We’ll be there in Moorebank to help.


Services We Offer

IT Support

Our experts provide a range of IT support services including managed services, remote support and on-site support.

IT Security

We take your business’s security seriously. Our security experts at Inteck will assist in protecting your network against ransomware, malicious intent and social engineering.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services are customised to your business requirements which include private cloud, public cloud and backup + disaster recovery.


We engage with our customers to provide cost-effective communications solutions which allow your business to run more efficiently.


We’re focused on creating the best environment for businesses to run their applications efficiently. It is important that core applications are well-protected and easy to access.

Professional Services

Our experienced team offer professional services ranging from end-user training to complete infrastructure management.

As a highly accredited Managed IT Service Provider in Moorebank, Inteck IT understands what SMB’s require in order to succeed in the highly competitive Moorebank market. All of our clients whom leverage our Managed IT Services are happy to report solid up-time, IT security and IT support.

Proactive Managed IT Services in Moorebank

Inteck IT works tirelessly to secure your business through our comprehensive IT security which is mended into all of our IT services. This lowers costs, improves performance and improves overall employee satisfaction.

We’re motivated to keep your network running properly at all times because it avoids us needing to send a technician on-site to your business, wasting your time and our time. This is what your business has been missing. Forget the traditional break-fix model. By using our managed IT services, your systems will be monitored around-the-clock and issues will be solved proactively.

Why does my Moorebank business need its own IT Support Help Desk?

You wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and head into work. Your morning seems to be off to a good start. Then you sit down at your computer, and your emails won’t load. What do you do? Do you call your business’s tech support and hope that you don’t spend 1 hour on hold? Or even worse, do you spend all day searching Google to find the solution to your issue? However you are getting help, it is not much help at all if you’re wasting time and money attempting to solve your IT issues.

Our IT Help Desk handles things differently. We offer proactive services and our technicians are constantly monitoring the health of your network and devices to ensure things are running smoothly. When problems do happen, we’ll immediately identify them and begin implementing the appropriate fix. When you call to report a problem, there’s a good chance we are already aware of it and we’ve already begun solving said problem.

“87% of surveyed IT decision-makers now believe that custom solutions and software are the main forces in driving innovation in business technology”

Whether it’s a password reset, support for Microsoft applications, protection from malware and ransomware or anything in between, we’ll be here to assist you. There is no problem too large or too small for our expert IT team. You can reach us via phone or email and we’ll respond ASAP.

How can I keep my Moorebank business’s IT Security up-to-date and functioning 24/7?

Do you know how secure your business’s technology is at the moment? Did you know that cybercrime impacts 87% of businesses worldwide every year? In the last year, there was a 424$ increase in new small business cyber breaches. These statistics demonstrate why it’s so important to work with an IT Security business that is paying attention the ever-growing need for updated security measures. Book a free IT consultation with Inteck IT and we’ll analyse your business to find any vulnerabilities that can be exploited so we know what security solutions are most needed to keep your business safe from cyber-hackers. This means analysing your malware protection, spam filters, threat intelligence, firewalls, password protection, user authentication and much more. To book a free IT consultation, call us at 1300 39 65 65.

Inteck IT uses 24/7 remote monitoring to constantly scan your network for potential issues or unauthorised access. We also ensure that you and your employees are using your technology safely. This includes how to recognise the signs of a phishing attempt, mobile device security and more. Don’t take the livelihood of your business and your employees for granted. We can help you put in the right solutions today so you can keep your business safe today and won’t be sorry tomorrow.

Inteck IT Moorebank

Should my Moorebank business use Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Services?

We provide cloud services which are simple, efficient and scalable. Our tailored cloud solutions will ensure that your business’s data is easily accessible and protected from cyberhackers. We provide private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud services. But the question is; what type of cloud solution should my Moorebank business use?

There are various benefits to cloud computing which make it a favourable choice for most businesses. In order to understand the extent of these benefits, it is important that you have an understanding of the different types of cloud services. The Public Cloud refers to computing services offered by third-party providers over the internet. This includes services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. The Private Cloud, on the other hand, refers to computing services offered over a private internal network. This is usually specifically for a single business’s use. The Hybrid Cloud utilises Private Cloud and Public Cloud which allows businesses to take advantage of cloud bursting. Cloud bursting features greater disk space and scales computing services to the public cloud when the demand increases. You can read more about the various cloud solutions on our blog

If you’re still not sure what cloud solution your Moorebank business should use, feel free to give us a call at 1300 39 65 65 and we’ll assist you in find the right solution for your business.

Why do I need a Managed IT Service Provider for my Moorebank business?

Does your current IT team/person take forever to get back to you?

Have you outgrown your current IT company?

Is it a different day, yet you’re having the same IT problems?

Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider for your business is a no-brainer. All of your technology needs will be handled by an expert IT team for simply one all-inclusive, fixed monthly price. We leverage leading-edge technology to ensure your systems are constantly running at the optimal level. Inteck IT has technicians which are certified by Microsoft, CompTIA, Apple, Cisco, VMWare and ITIL. Our expert team is dedicated to keeping your network up 24/7 and protected from cyberhackers, ransomware, malware and more.

Maybe you are using a traditional break/fix IT consultant at the moment. Break/fix IT consultants were great… in the 1990s. Nowadays it is extremely important that your IT team is monitoring your network constantly and are proactive so issues can be solved before they even occur. Here are some of the advantages that Moorebank businesses can experience when choosing Inteck IT as their Managed Service Provider:

  • Increased reliability
  • Alerts for critical events affecting your network
  • Full IT team for the price of a single in-house IT staff member
  • Less downtime
  • Increased internet security
  • Freed up internal resources
  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Enterprise grade antivirus protection
  • On-site, remote and helpdesk IT support

Call us today at 1300 39 65 65 and we’ll discuss what we can do for your business so you can become more efficient and cost-effective.

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